Annie (canadanne) wrote in u2uk,

Who's going?

Nearly time for the London and Glasgow shows! Is anyone here going to see them?
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We were at the London show last night; had a great spot in standing, and it was an excellent gig :D
Where did you stand? I heard there were lots of problems and delays with the GA line, I guess you managed to avoid all that? I am standing on Thursday and Friday, really hope it's all running smoothly by then!


October 26 2015, 18:36:20 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  October 26 2015, 18:37:53 UTC

Getting in was a nightmare. The info sent out in advance for ticketless admission was ... very light on detail, putting it mildly, especially for anyone who's not been to a gig at the O2 before.

We came in at the main entrance, nearest the tube station, didn't really know where to go so asked staff - and they didn't know either (and, worse, some of them told us to join queues that weren't even for GA). We did eventually find the right area - much further round the building, and ended up in the right queue there but it was a huge queue that didn't move for ages.

Aaaaanyway, we *did* get in well before the show started, thankfully. So although it was stressful and confusing it did work out, and once we were in we did get a good spot. We were maybe a dozen people away from main stage, at most, on Edge's side ... and only a couple of people away from the walkway. Far closer than I've ever been at a U2 gig before, and it makes a huge difference to really see the band perform as people right in front of you :)
It said Gate F for GA when I bought my tickets - is that still correct or did they use other gates as well? I've never been to the O2 before, so not quite sure what to expect.

Apparently some people's cards wouldn't swipe last night... really hope that doesn't happen to me!!

I was on the B-stage/catwalk rail on previous tours and it was great, but I suspect it won't be as good with the new layout, as I may struggle to see the screen and the main stage. (I'm short, so I fear it'll just be a sea of other people's backs in front of me!) Might have to stand further away this time to give myself a chance of seeing everything.


October 26 2015, 19:37:54 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  October 26 2015, 19:38:10 UTC

It was definitely Gate F that we ended up queuing up for last night, and that was the right place for us. Head for there and you won't go far wrong, I'm sure :) Once we did get to that area, the staff around there actually knew what was going on so check with them there.

I can't remember if it said anything about Gate F when we bought the tickets, as it was so long ago, but it wasn't mentioned in the emails - including the "Important information: U2 ticketless entry" one they sent out last week. That's a shame, as it would have saved us loads of stress!

I think they have a process for dealing with cards that don't swipe now too, so I'm sure any problems will get resolved quickly. They had people with laptops sorting them out.
Gate F was mentioned somewhere on around the time of the presale as I made a copy of the text, but I don't remember exactly where I saw it. Yeah, I got the same email which focused on my card having expired and didn't give any other information!

Just hope I don't lose my place in the queue if I have to visit the laptop people... things were so much easier when we had proper tickets...


October 26 2015, 19:44:52 UTC 1 year ago Edited:  October 26 2015, 19:53:16 UTC

It did feel a bit like there was a choice between having a really good view of the band, or having a really good view of the screen, but probably not both. (We went for a better view of band than screen, but we could see both.) The good news is that this layout gives loads of chances for getting a good view of the band, I think, and lots of places where you could see the screen as it's quite high.

Also, the standing area wasn't over-filled and it was a considerate crowd - I felt like you could have moved if you needed to, I don't think you'd get stuck somewhere where you couldn't see.
Hopefully I can do the "band view" one night and the "screen view" the other night. Good to know the floor isn't too jam-packed!
Two nights! I'm pretty envious of that, although very happy with the one show we got to see.

I hope you have a great time, and I'm sure you will :D